Monday, May 14, 2012

Annabelle Le Big Show Mascara

I picked up this mascara for $11.49 CDN (before GST) from Shoppers Drug Mart, though it is available wherever Annabelle cosmetics are sold. Next time I'd probably pick this up from WalMart to take advantage of the reduced prices, but in this case I was desperate for a new tube of mascara. The tube itself contains 0.38 oz (10 ml) of product. As far as I'm aware, it is only available in one shade: Black.

The package claims that the mascara will give you "mega volume from the first stroke [of the brush]," while "[separating] lashes easily without clumping" and finally, "[adding] tons of length for show-stopping lashes." It is ophthalmologist tested, so it's safe for contact-lens wearers and those with sensitive eyeballses. According to, this mascara is supposed to be smudge-proof, resistant to running, and flake-free.

As far as the packaging goes, it's fairly simple. No fancy handles or crazy eye-catching exterior. The tube is black with pink splatter marks all around, with the name of the mascara and the brand name on it. It's one of the more heavy mascaras (as far as packaging goes) that I have ever owned, which I appreciate. The shade name is not located on the immediate product packaging, probably because only one shade is available for retail. The brush is the old-school fiber-type  wand. I'm not the hugest fan of this kind of nylon-bristled brush - I tend to gravitate towards the silicone, bendable brushes. No bells, whistles, or grandiose marketing gimmicks here.

Left to Right: Maybelline Volum'Express One by One mascara,
Annabelle Le Big Show mascara
After first opening the tube (straight from the packaging), the formula of the mascara itself is fairly wet. Not as wet as L'Oreal mascaras tend to be, but wetter than I was expecting. If I'm not careful the mascara will transfer from my lashes to my eyelid after application. For this reason I think I'm going to start applying my eyeshadow after applying my mascara... or trying the infamous 'card' trick.

The only shade available is Black, but this is one of the best blacks I've had the pleasure of trying. 

My first experience with this mascara was right after I bought it - I had my first night class of the spring semester at University, and my lashes needed a pick-me-up, so I opened this baby up and applied it over top of my Maybelline Volum'Express One by One mascara applied earlier that morning. My lashes did not clump up or get that 'spider' look, in fact they felt incredibly flexible (as compared to other mascaras I've used).

This mascara doesn't flake or smudge off, giving me 'raccoon' or 'panda' eyes throughout the day. It removes easily with my Cetaphil Gentle Daily Skin cleanser, water, and a wash cloth at night. When I've broken into bouts of tears, I haven't noticed that this particular mascara runs as easily as some of my non-waterproof mascaras (Maybelline Volum'Express One by One, for example). The wear-time is really respectable. If I'm rubbing at my eyes a lot or if I were to (regrettably) fall asleep with this mascara on, it lasts well. I can sometimes notice a bit of wear at the very ends of my lashes as the day goes on, but it's not enough to be detectably noticeable.

I feel that as far as this mascara goes, I'm really happy to be purchasing something from a Canadian brand. It's no surprise to those who follow my blog that I adore Annabelle Cosmetics, so I'm not really surprised that this mascara turned out to be another one of their 'show-stopping' products in addition to their Smoothliners, and mono eyeshadows.

I love how this gives my lashes volume and length, how the mascara doesn't irritate my eyes, how it removes easily yet lasts throughout the day. It really is quite fantastic. I wish that they did sell it in a brown or brownish-black version though. I'd love to have it for a more subtle, natural everyday looks... but as far as the mascara itself goes, the lack of color selection isn't enough to deter me from re-purchasing.

Thanks to Tracy @BeautyReflections for recommending it to me. It definitely has been a hit thus far, and is my new favorite mascara to date :)

4 out of 5 stars
* * * *

What's your favorite drugstore mascara of the moment?!


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad you love it! It's a really good one and my fave drugstore one. Your lashes look fabulous!!!

  2. Ive past this one by so many times but havent heard much about it. Your lashes look amazing girl. I think Ill be trying this one out soon:)
    Sara xx

    1. Haha! Why thank you... let me know how you like it. Or if you hate it :)

  3. This is the mascara that I've enjoyed the most as of late, especially since it gives a relatively dramatic result. I think if you got a hold of Annabelle, they'd be more than open to your feedback about different colors (they're on Twitter and easily accessible). That being said, I don't wear any color mascara but black, so I'm happy as a clam as is :)