Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bonne Bell lipLITES

Shown left to right:
Cherry Berry Kiss, Strawberry Parfait, Angel Food Cake, Frosted Berry, Caramel Latte, Metallic Mocha, Vanilla Swirl, and Creme Brulee

I purchased my lipLITES from WalMart, Zellers, and Shoppers Drug Mart. They vary in price, depending on where you purchase them for approximately $3-$5 CDN. There is 7.7 mL of product in a tube, which comes with a doe-foot applicator.

I have collected these over a period of time, and was initially intrigued to purchase one after watching pinkiecharm, on YouTube, do a review of them: I immediately went out and purchased Caramel Latte.

And let me tell you - these babies are like, chapstick in a tube. Bonne Bell has a wide assortment of colors (and flavors) in the lipLITES line, and so it's easy to find a color or flavor for anyone.

The lipLITES are incredibly moisturizing for being a lipgloss. They are not especially sticky, but go on the lips smooth and creamy. Because of their lack of stickiness, these are not especially long-wearing lipglosses - do not expect them to stay perfectly shiny and unbudging on your lips - because they will disappear quickly. Each tube has its own unique scent AND flavor. The colors vary in pigmentation and finish.

(1) Cherry Berry Kiss -
This lipgloss smells like a cherry popsicle to me. It goes on extremely transparent. There is a slight cherry red tint to it, but not much. There is some shimmer particles in it - but they are very understated, almost unnoticeable, unless you're looking for them very closely - and even then, they are only visible in the tube. It is a very thin gloss, compared to the others - you do have to apply quite a lot to build up a heavy shine (if that's what you're going for). This gloss wears off quite easily, mostly absorbing into the lips and moisturizing them.

(2) Strawberry Parfait -
This lipgloss has your stereotypical strawberry scent - but it seems to me to be more of a believable 'strawberry' scent than your typical chapstick or other cosmetic product. It goes on your lips moderately opaque, as a milky baby rose pink. The color is exceptionally buildable. There are microscopic shimmers in it, but again, they do not show up on the lips very well. This is a longer lasting gloss, but still - don't expect a three hour wear out of it.

(3) Angel Food Cake -
Smells JUST like it's namesake. This lipgloss literally smells like someone shoved a whole angel food cake in the tube. It is my favorite gloss out of the bunch. This applies to the lips moderately opaque and has understated pink and blue shimmer. It is a bubblegum/Barbie pink color. This is also a longer lasting gloss.

(4) Frosted Berry -
Probably one of my least favorites of the bunch. It has a very berry flavor, though I cannot put my finger on exactly which ones. In the tube, this gloss seems to have an almost 'chunky' glitter in comparison to the others, but in application it goes on fairly sheer, and it isn't at all glittery or frosty as it is shimmery. It has pink and purple shimmer in it, and applies as a sheer magenta color. Like Cherry Berry Kiss, this is not a long lasting gloss.

(5) Caramel Latte -
My second favorite. This is THE perfect nude color, in my opinion. This smells like coffee. I've never had a 'latte' but I assume that it is fairly true (scent-wise) to its namesake. It does not smell like a really strong, black coffee, but rather a milky, sugary coffee drink, similar to our Tim Horton's Iced Caps. It applies moderately opaque nude camel brown color. It is shimmery - infused with green, pink, and brown shimmer that is understated. It is perfectly paired with a dark smokey eye look. It is relatively long-lasting (for this gloss line).

(6) Metallic Mocha -
Another least-favorite of mine. Metallic Mocha smells just like that...a mocha in a tube. It is an opaque milk chocolate brown color with understated silver shimmer. I do not like it because on my skin tone (fair...albino...what have you...) it appears muddy and unflattering. However, it is a long-lasting gloss in comparison to it's 'brothers and sisters.'

(7) Vanilla Swirl -
Has a very vanilla-y scent. Not like straight vanilla extract, but it's close. This is a frosty white-pink gloss, infused with green and purple shimmer. On the lips, this applies very opaque because of how frosty it is. Be careful with this one. However, this is exceptionally long lasting.

(8) Creme Brulée -
This smells JUST like creme brulée...or at least, the creme brulée I've had before. I find this scent extremely overpowering, and when I put it on my lips, it creates a smell barrier around my head so that others can smell it too. I find the smell slightly nauseating, and don't wear it very often, which is a shame because it is such a gorgeous gloss. It is an almost transparent nude color, there is virtually no color payoff for this gloss, but it also has green and purple shimmer in it. When on your lips, it definitely mutes the pigmentation of your lips - but doesn't wash you out like the Vanilla Swirl can. It's a really nice every day color, and has a decent wear.

All in all, these glosses are extremely good bang for your buck. Most have fairly good pigmentation, and all have exceptional flavors. At three bucks a pop, you're not really out all that much if you don't like them anyways. But for being incredibly moisturizing and pigmented at that kind of a price, I'd definitely say it's worth a try.

I would recommend Angel Food Cake, Caramel Latte, Cherry Berry Kiss, and Strawberry Parfait.

I give this product 4 out of 5 stars.
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