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Interview Ideas: Makeup, Nails, Shoes, Accessories, and Clothes!

*Note: This post is pretty picture heavy... WHOOT!*
Hola my beauty-lovin' babes!
I have an interview tomorrow, which I am anxiously preparing for and anticipating.

I thought I'd share with you some of my tips and tricks for makeup, nails, fashion, and hair for interview success.

What you're going to read down below is pretty redundant - you're going to sense a strong theme here. KEEP IT SIMPLE. However, in some cases, you can get away with a small pop of color, or hint of something exciting - but keep it minimal. Keep your outfit neutral, and give that extra sumthin' sumthin' to your ensemble with some color in your earrings or necklace. Or throw a soft, but obvious shade of pink polish on your nails. Perhaps you'll change it up by using olive greens in your eyeshadow instead of your typical brown shades. Just limit your 'pop' to one small, but significant item - don't go overboard.

This is going to depend on the type of job you're applying for - obviously. If you're applying to MAC or Sephora, you're probably going to want to up the amp - show them what you're made of and what you're capable of.
If you're applying to any sort of professional/office job - Keep it simple.
For me - the latter is the case. Thus, this is not the occasion to be pulling out my sultry, dark eyeshadows for a date, soiree, or editorial fashion shoot.

Don't pack on color and glitter. Try to keep your shadows to a matte or satin finish. If you use shimmer - keep it to a minimum (on the center of your eyelid or under your brow). A little goes a very long way.
Don't use too much black or dark brown - an interviewer doesn't want you to stare them down with blackened rings around your eyeballs.

Keep your color palette neutral. Use eyeshadows in taupes, greys, browns, creams, champagnes... And remember to blend, blend, blend.

Try to keep your focus on subtly enhancing your natural features instead of accentuating them. 

Skip out on the matte fire-engine-red lipstick - perhaps you could settle for the 'just bitten' look. Use a soft red lip stain to give your face that pop of color it needs.

Here's my take on a simple, but classic interview makeup look.

Apply MAC lip pencil in Dervish all over lips.
Put NYX lip pencil in Rose in the centre of lips to add dimension.

Use an eyeshadow base or primer. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original.
Apply Prestige Brow Perfection Shaping Studio powder in lightest shade just above crease. Apply darker shade in crease and on the outer third of eyelid as a contour. Apply Urban Decay's Bootycall on the inner two thirds of the eyelid and in the inner corner. NYX's single eyeshadow in White is applied to the browbone to blend out the crease colors and add highlight. Smudge Annabelle's Smoothliner in Brownie on the upper lashline, winging it out slightly at the end. Smudge a little bit of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero as close to the upper lashline as possible and blend out slightly to remove any harsh lines. Apply your favorite mascara - I used Cover Girl's LashBlast Volume in Blackest Black
NYX's Slim Eye Pencil in White is applied to the lower waterline.

Apply your foundation all over your face with a dampened sponge or foundation brush. This will create a naturally flawless finish. I used my NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Fiji with a dampened Real Techniques blush brush.
Apply concealer to any blemishes you have, as well as the undereye area to counteract any darkness. I am using Rimmel's Match Perfection concealer in Ivory.
I set all of this with Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Cream.
Contour your face with a powder or bronzer. I used NYX's Powder Blush in Taupe and my Quo Face Contour Brush from Shoppers Drug Mart.
Use bronzer if needed, but use a light hand. I used Tarte's Mineral Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess on the high points of my face to add warmth to my complexion with a Real Techniques stippling brush.
Finally, finish off with a blush of your choice. Try to keep it somewhat muted, and preferrably matte. I used NYX's Powder Blush in Peach with my Real Techniques stippling brush.

Voila, simple but enhanced makeup for an interview. Just enhancing my natural features and inner beauty! Perfecto!

An added touch would be having your eyebrows done-did. I definitely need to get mine done - they're getting rather unruly, much like a mountain man's would be.

Again, keep it simple. Neon green nails are not going to say, I'm serious about this job. Employers (in professional settings) are looking for someone to fit in, not stand out.

Healthy and naturally groomed nails are always in style. Apply one or two coats of a shiny top coat to naturally bare nails to give them that extra something special. OR apply a few coats of your favorite natural, nude, or soft pink polish, and seal it all in with a layer of top coat. Your nails won't be obnoxious, but you'll look put together and send the message that you make it a priority to appear polished and refined.

If you're wanting something extra special, a simple french manicure with white tips is a staple classic, and pairs perfectly with every outfit and makeup look. Sometimes this can look a little shabby if you do it yourself, so treat yourself to a manicure, or practice, practice, practice to get the best finished product you can at home!

My suggestions include:
OPI Dulce de Leche
Nicole by OPI Kim-pletely in Love
Seche Nail Lacquer in Rose
Quo by Orly First Class
Spoiled by Wet N Wild My Silicone Popped
Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Sorbet
China Glaze Jingle Bells

I have to admit, I'll probably be rocking about 4 or 5 coats of Nicole by OPI's Kim-pletely in Love. Ugh, such a ridiculously gorgeous pink. I definitely need a back up of this one.

Once again - simplicity is key. You're wanting your employer to hire you for your professional appearance, but also for your personal qualities. You don't want your hairstyle to distract from this.

There are no rules - wear it up or down, but be comfortable with it. Don't bedazzle your hair with gaudy pins, clips, and accessories. 

Look #1
For Look #1, I chose to keep my hair straight - truer to the nature of it's bob-cut. I kept volume at the crown, but made sure to keep the hair styled in a way that would frame my face and keep it the focus of attention.

Look #2
Yes, I did reuse this photo from my Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Gel review.
For Look #2, I decided to go more 'whimsical,' but still simple and not too crazy. My hair is styled so the ends flip outward and away from my face - again creating that framing effect that we desire. I feel that this hairstyle more accurately alludes to my personality, which is why I like it more :)

For my interview on Tuesday, I will probably go with look 2.

Another fantastic look, I find, is the 'retro pompadour poof' or the 'quiff.' I love the way your bangs look when they're pinned in that 'bubble,' as I like to call it. I think it looks classy and put together, and gives a person a little something special to look at as you stroll by.

Yay, Hilary!!
Photo credit:
Obviously, if your hair is longer, you may chose to wear it up or down. Just take time to style it nicely - I'm sure your interviewer would appreciate that. Oooooorrrrr.... do the pompadour poof! (That sounds like it should be a dance... haha)

In almost every single article I've read on the etiquette of interview attire, they recommend always wearing closed-toed shoes. Apparently open-toed shoes are inappropriate for interviews.

Heels are great for elongating your legs - especially nude pumps.
I, personally, stick to flats for comfort. Something in black or brown, because they usually go with everything. Although I think it would be cute to wear some leopard print flats or a vibrant red shoe or something. Just to spice up your outfit. That would be super chic!

You're going to want to look professional, i.e., no jeans, short shorts, short skirts, low-cut tops, tank tops, backless shirts, leggings-as-pants, jeggings, leg warmers, Uggs, etc.

I'm always a fan of dress pants or a knee-length black skirt. One time I wore white jeans (they didn't look like jeans, they just had the comfort level of jeans), and got the job. Just try to keep it a little more dressy than normal. Don't wear skirts that are too short, because it can look like you're a little too desperate to get that job. But if you do wear a skirt, for heaven's sake, shave your leggies!!

As for shirts, I love wearing dressier shirts, but definitely not 'dress' shirts. Button-up blouses say to me, "my mother dressed me for this interview." There's nothing wrong with them, but I'd rather show a bit of my personality through my shirts, and there's nothing more uncomfortable than a button-up shirt when you're already uncomfortable about your interview. Plus, sweat stains show through TOO well.

I'm considering wearing a black tank top, underneath a nude fitted, scoop-necked, cotton layering tee (whew! That was a mouthful). On top of that, I love wearing my cropped three-buttoned black vest from WalMart from eons ago.

In place of the vest, I also appreciate pairing the tank top and t-shirt combo with a thick waist belt to cinch in my middle and give some definition to my curves.

Again, keep it simple.

I'll probably wear my $5 bulky watch from Ardene's, my engagement/wedding rings, and my everyday silver hoop earrings.

If I had some longer necklaces that hit my chesticle region, I would definitely pair them with my vest/belt combo, but depending on the shirt(s) I'm wearing, I might want to keep my choice of necklace simple or non-existent.

I have some gaudy earrings with disco balls dangling from the end of a chain - an interview is definitely not the time to be cracking those babies out.

- - - - - - -

And there you have it! My tips and tricks for a successful interview appearance. I hope they helped you out a little bit - I know that writing them down has helped me figure out what I'm going to wear to my own interview.

Wish me luck!!

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