Monday, April 2, 2012

London Look Precision Makeup Sponge: Beauty Blender dupe?!

I picked up this bad-boy at London Drugs last year for $9.99 CDN (excluding GST). Comparatively, the original Beauty Blender retails for $19.95 USD on www.cherryculture.comI found the London Look alternative in the aisle/display with all the other cosmetic sponges and makeup brushes. As far as I know, this is only for purchase at London Drugs stores and

Photo credit: describes this as a sponge "[providing] a professional foundation finish for a perfectly flawless complexion." Short and to the point. I appreciate that. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd find a drugstore alternative (in Canada) for the Beauty Blender. Now granted, I've never tried the actual Beauty Blender sponge, but I'm fairly certain that this is a dupe that you must try out. 

I don't know anything about the brand, London Look, but they must not be too terrible if they're marketing a sponge as good as this. I imagine they're some sort of London Drugs house brand, but don't quote me.

This product is the traditional pink egg-shaped makeup sponge. It is most commonly used damp to stipple and blend liquid/cream foundation into the skin for a flawless, almost airbrushed finish. This sponge is latex free, as indicated by the external packaging.

This is definitely how I like to use the sponge. As I wet it under the tap, it swells to about 2 times its original size. I squeeze out the excess to use the sponge damp, not wet. I will dot my foundation around my face and then use the 'butt' end (or the larger, more flat/blunt end) to pounce/stipple the foundation around my face. I will use the pointed end for precision work (around my eyes, the corners of my nose, and for spot work on blemishes). 

Note: The color of the egg doesn't change this significantly when you dampen
it - the lighting just got all kooky on me :)
This sponge will give you an airbrushed look to your makeup. Because you're using it wet, it will make your foundation go further, meaning you use less in general. If you're looking for a full-coverage finish, you may want to avoid using this sponge, as it tends to sheer out your foundation. You can easily build up the coverage by adding layers of foundation, but by nature of using the damp sponge, it's not the immediate result you're going to achieve.

With regular cleaning, this sponge should last you a good 6 months or so, depending on how often you use it for your foundation routine. I personally use foundation irregularly, so mine will last a lot longer than yours if you apply foundation 5-7 days a week. If you feel like you want to replace yours earlier than the 6 month mark, it's not like you'll be eating Kraft Dinner for a few weeks beforehand to save up money to buy a new one. With use (and even regular cleansing), the sponge will become discolored. Do not fret. It does not mean that you have to replace it immediately.

I wash my sponge every so often with water and baby shampoo. Occasionally I will use some olive oil to try and remove the hard-to-reach foundation out of it, and then I cleanse it vigorously with my baby shampoo, anti-bacterial hand soap, and water. This seems to keep it in a usable condition. *Note: I do not know the best way to clean this sponge. This is my own personal method, and I am by no means an expert on the subject.*

I keep my sponge in a little plastic cup/bowl after I finish using it for foundation. I will rinse it out after use and keep it in the bowl to dry out. As it dries, it will shrink back to it's original size. 

The Precision Makeup Sponge is soft, supple, and bouncy. It's not too dense or too soft, and it blends my foundation like a dream. For someone who doesn't favor a full-coverage finish to her foundation, this is a God-send. It gives me a sheer wash of color (I use the NARS Sheer Glow foundation) that evens out my skin tone without looking cakey. Additionally, I can build the coverage all-over or in certain areas as needed. It makes my foundation go further, which I love (because NARS foundation is not cheap). I don't get foundation lines around my jaw and hairline, as this blends my foundation with ease.

I got my sister hooked on this sponge too. I picked her one up because I knew she'd love it. And love it, she definitely does. She uses her sponge with the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation.

It's basically dummy proof. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what brushes are the best to use with your foundation and skin-type. It can take a while to figure out the best techniques to use, and let's face it. Brushes are freaking expensive. But ANYONE can use this sponge for foundation application. It's so easy, and it's basically fool-proof.

I highly HIGHLY recommend. Especially in lieu of the crazy-'spensive Beauty Blender. I mean, come on. Who needs a $20 sponge when you can have a $10 one that works just as well, and is easily more accessible?

Overall 5 out of 5 stars. And I will definitely be repurchasing.
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Have you tried out the London Look Precision Makeup Sponge??


  1. I completely agree! I live in BC, Canada and refuse to spend $20 on the Beauty Blender. I have not yet found a dupe sponge in our local stores, as we do not carry the Sonia Kashuk sponge, or any of the other BB "dupes." I purchased my London Look sponge a week ago for $9.99 at London Drugs as well, and when I saw it I squealed in excitement. I have an eyeshadow palette of theirs so I know their products are good. I was so surprised at how much it swelled when wet, and am in love with the makeup applicaiton. I need full coverage foundation and this helps me achieve an airbrushed look, by applying two layers of my medium coverage foundation ( I use Maybelline Fit Me and Revlon ColorStay interchangeably) I'm actually going back to London drugs today to purchase a second sponge, and to try the Ardell Invisiband lashes :)
    Check this out: MakeupGeekTV explains the best ways to wash your brushes, and sponges, in this video

    1. It's a fantastic alternative, eh!? Especially for us Canadians who seem to get the short end of the stick in the makeup department at times... I'm glad you've found this treasure too!! And thanks for sharing the video!! This is one that I missed seeing... :)

    2. I also bought this one and LOVE it! Can't agree enough with you ladies. Never buying an actual Beauty Blender again! I have 6 of these now as back ups in fear they may sell out or be discontinued lol. I have tried other dupes as well, from Shoppers Drug Mart and Super Store, both sucked.