Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ELF Studio Powder Brush

I purchased this brush at Winners for $7.99 CDN, discounted or marked down from $15.99 originally. They're also available on, for $3.00.

According to, this  "anti-bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products." It's also supposed to be "vegan friendly."

The brush is completely black, from the bristles to the handle. Even the ferrule is black. There is simple white font on the handle of the brush listing the company name and the type of brush it is. It does not mention that it's from the "Studio" collection, however. The brush is a little bulky, but by the weight of it, it feels of decent-to-good quality. It sits comfortably in my hand and is easy to manoeuvre and use without feeling too heavy or awkward.

The bristles are densely compacted, tapered near the ferrule but flaring out towards the top of the brush. The brush top is flat and dense, but incredibly soft. As far as brushes of any brand go, this one is the softest I own.

I've had no issues with shedding, AT ALL - which is saying something, especially for previous blush/powder brushes I've tried.

This is the first ELF brush I've owned, and I've heard mixed reviews about them in the past. Some say "you get what you pay for" while others rave about how amazing these inexpensive brushes are. I've never had reason to purchase them until I stumbled across this one absent-mindedly one day while returning some nail polish.

This brush is by far my current favorite for applying my foundation. Regardless of type (powder, liquid), I absolutely adore the finish this brush gives to my foundation. I am a huge fan of the 'Beauty Blender'esque sponge, and to date, it was my favorite medium for applying my foundation. It has been completely ousted by the ELF Studio Powder brush now.

This brush does not excessively absorb product - so it doesn't waste your precious products. The first time I tried it, I sort of freaked out, because as I dotted it into a blob of my NARS Sheer Glow foundation on the back of my hand, it seemed to just suck up into the brush and disappear. However, as I dabbed the foundation around my face, it was apparent that the foundation just looked like it disappeared into the brush, but it hadn't really.

It buffed my foundation BEAUTIFULLY into my skin. I've never had such an even and flawless application of my makeup. I'm able to stipple and buff liquid products and powder products into my skin effortlessly. I find that this brush applies my makeup so well that it minimizes the appearance of my pores, especially around my nose area where they are very pronounced. There are no streak lines or cakiness from this brush.  My foundation looks so amazing - like it's 'my skin but better.' It gives my skin a perfect base to apply bronzer and blush to - I've never had such a flawless canvas to apply my makeup to. It's so wonderful.

The brush gives pretty decent coverage with regards to foundation. I'd say it's about a light-medium to medium coverage, but it's definitely buildable in any case. It makes my foundation go pretty far, in terms of how much I use. I use more foundation than with a damp Beauty Blender, but less than with a traditional foundation brush. Same goes for bronzer and blush. A little bit goes a long way with this brush, but it's so easy to blend it out if you've applied too much.

Because of the chiselled edge of the brush, it's easy to apply bronzer to the hollows of the cheekbones. It's a little more difficult to manoeuvre to apply blush, just because of the sheer surface area of the top of the brush, but it's still functional in a pinch.

One minor hang up I have with this brush is the size. Because it's so big, it's a little difficult to reach areas like the undereyes and around the nose. It is possible to use the edges of the brush for this area, but it is more difficult than using a slimmer, more compact brush like the Quo Precision Foundation brush. All the same, it's also the size of this brush that makes it quick and easy to apply foundation or powder all over the face in a speedy, efficient amount of time. It covers so much area in so little time, applying foundation is going to be your shortest expenditure of time now.

This brush is great for everyday - totally versatile. On the average day, I use this brush to first apply and blend my liquid foundation and concealer, then to set it with a powder. Occasionally, I also use this brush for bronzer. It would be great to use this on those days when you're not wanting to do a lot for your makeup - a few quick swipes of this through your favorite powder foundation, buffed all over your face, will give you a quick and polished look before you head out the door. It's sort of that "one brush" that does it all, and that's why I love it.

I cannot sing the praises of this brush enough. My one quip is the price inconsistency between buying this in my local Winners for $8, and seeing that it's $3 on the ELF website. Definitely not digging that, however, barring that - this brush is a must have for everyone in my opinion. It's so versatile - it makes blending liquids and powders a dream, and you'll never regret it once you see the flawless application it gives you.

A huge 5 out of 5 stars for this one.
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Have you tried any other ELF brushes? Do you love or hate them?

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