Monday, January 16, 2012

Hoof Hands: Nail Strengthening Cream Hard as Hoof

I purchased a 1 oz (28.35 g) tub from WalMart for $7.48 CDN.

This is a white cream with a dense butter-like consistency. It is labelled as having a "cherry almond" scent. The scent is absolutely delicious - my husband always says he wants to eat it, that's how good it smells. It's not too overpowering, however, because after you rub it into the skin - the scent fades into the background and it's hardly noticeable anymore.

It comes in a white plastic pot with a screw on lid. It's definitely small enough to throw in your purse and go, or to keep on your nightstand next to your bed. It's incredibly portable and discrete - not too big or clunky. It can go with you wherever you want it to go.

It doesn't require a lot of product to rub into all ten of your finger nails and cuticles. It's not oily or greasy, but absorbs quickly into the skin. It's recommended that you massage this into your nail beds, cuticles and undersides of your nails 3 times a day.

This cream gives rapid relief to my dry, uncomfortable skin. I often use it as an all over hand cream when my hands are dry and irritated, though the butter consistency often warms to a very thin cream, so it's not very thick on the skin. It's very easy to spread and absorbs incredibly quickly.

It's marketed as a nail strengthening cream, and I would have to say 100% that this stuff does the job. My nails stop breaking, chipping, peeling, bending - you name it. After just a couple of uses (mind you, using it everyday...), you can start to see an improvement in the resilience, condition and strength of your nails. It's quite miraculous.

I love this cream - all year round. It really keeps my nails strong and healthy, and prevents my cuticles and hands from getting too dry.

While it isn't exactly 'cheap' to buy a 1 oz tub for about $8, it is an incredible investment, and one jar of this goes a really long way, even with regular use every day.

I thoroughly enjoy this cream and highly recommend it to everyone. Especially if you're suffering from dry hands, cuticles or brittle nails. This cream can do it all, and you'll see improvement in a matter of uses.

Definitely 5 out of 5 stars.
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Have you tried this cream? What do you think about it??


  1. I love the smell of this cream. I started using it about one year ago because my nails were so thin and weak. After a few days of using this i noticed a beg difference. The only problem i had is it has been out of stock at my walmart for sometime so i had to get online and find it. I finally did at a store called i just hope they keep carrying it.

  2. Is this product cruelty-free? Very important for me and many other people.