Friday, January 13, 2012

My new jewellery find!

Today I needed to stop at Zellers to pick up a box of envelopes. As I walked through the store to get to the elevator, I came across a table with boxes of necklaces all over them. I don't know why I walked over to the table, to be quite honest. I usually dash for the makeup aisles, never to the jewellery, unless I'm bored or I'm shopping for something specific. Nonetheless, I browsed.

The first box I saw caught my attention immediately. It was a monogram necklace with a large silver letter pendant. The font of the monogrammed pendant is very much similar to the "Old English Text MT" in Microsoft Word. So I sifted though all the boxes and found - much to my delight, a "R"!

The pendant is made of a heavy metal. It's not the best quality, but I really love it all the same. The chain isn't that great either, but it suits its purpose. I don't know what brand this necklace is, as there wasn't any company name on the box or on the tags. The chain can be adjusted to various lengths, which is a really convenient feature.

I love that the pendant is heavy enough to stay flat. It doesn't twist around or flip itself backwards, but stays right-side-up all day long. It's also heavy enough that it keeps the chain relatively still - you don't have the clasp twisting around to the front of your neck nearly as quickly as with other necklaces. Don't misunderstand however, this necklace is by no means 'heavy.' It doesn't weigh down on your neck or feel uncomfortable, it's just more weight-y than other necklaces of the like.

This necklace retailed for $5.97 before GST, which is quite a bargain if you ask me. I really enjoy this find, as I'm addicted to monogrammed necklaces of all sorts. It's so beautiful and elegant. Big enough to be a statement piece, but not too big as to overwhelm the simplest of outfits.

My face was having some issues with blemishes today...
but at least the necklace looks great!

A close up of the pendant.
Where do you get your favorite jewellery from? Are you more of necklace, bracelet, ring or earring person?


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