Sunday, January 1, 2012

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinishing Powder

A 0.35 oz container of this translucent setting powder retails for approximately $30 from Sephora stores and

I acquired this product in the little sample sizes as part of the Beauty Insider incentive program. I had accumulated a plethora of points, and I could get one of these little bad boys for every 100 points. Knowing that my wedding was coming later in the summer, I cashed in 200 points to get two 2 gram/0.07 oz jars.

The product comes in a heavy translucent plastic jar with a black screw-on cap and a plastic sifter inside. The packaging is extremely well-made - heavy duty and durable. The powder itself is white in the jar, but applies colorless, meaning that it is suitable for use on every skin tone. It is relatively odorless, but does have that faint chalky smell that most loose powders tend to have.

The powder is dermatologist tested, talc-free and formulated with 100% silica. It can be worn over foundation and/or makeup or alone. When used over foundation, it is supposed to set the foundation and mattify the skin, evening out the complexion. According to, it is supposed to "soften the appearance of imperfections."

For the amount of product one uses each time, these two jars collectively lasted me about four or five months.

The finishing powder is incredibly lightweight and smooth, yet durable and long-lasting. When using to set my foundation, it mattified my skin beautifully and perfectly, absorbing excess oil from my makeup or skin. It minimized the appearance of any exacerbated pores and/or blemishes, leaving me with a flawless and radiant complexion.

Occasionally, I would apply the powder to my clean skin for a finished natural look. It evened out my skin, leaving it almost photoshopped in perfection. I would receive compliments every time I used this powder, whether to set my foundation or on my bare skin, because it just made my skin look that much better every time.

I applied the powder using multiple methods, depending on the amount of powder I wanted to use.
- Kabuki brush. I used this method when I wanted a heavier application of powder, and used it especially on the areas that got the oiliest/shiniest. I would use the brush to buff the powder into my skin, creating a longer lasting barrier over my foundation and thus, improving the longevity of my foundation's wear time.
- Quo Crease Shadow brush. I used this brush to set the concealer around hard-to-reach areas, such as under the eyes, on blemishes and around the nose. It worked wonderfully to pick up the teeniest amount of product and deposit it on the areas I wanted the powder.
- Sponge. I tried using a makeup sponge to apply the powder, dabbing it in a blotting motion to the areas where I most needed the powder. I found this the least effective method for large areas of the face, but excellent for hard-to-reach areas and for those areas that needed extra TLC in the mattifying department.
- *Mini Bare Escentuals kabuki brush.* I received one of these as a sample from Sephora. Occasionally, I would use this brush to buff the powder into my foundation. Though very tiny and incredibly awkward to use, I found that this was my favorite method of applying the HD powder. It created the most flawless finish I've ever seen, and was the method I used when I did my makeup for my wedding.

Most frequently I would tap a little powder into the lid of the jar, and swirl my brush in it to evenly distribute the powder to all of the bristles of the brush without picking up too much. The powder would glide smoothly across the surface of my skin, never skipping, tugging or clinging to dry patches or aggravated areas.

It is however, possible to apply TOO much of this powder to one's face. In cases such as these, you would end up with a whiter splotch on your face where the excess powder was applied. It was easy to rectify, however, and one needed only to buff in the powder with a kabuki brush and the splotch disappeared easily.

This powder is, without a doubt, my favorite setting powder to date. It gave me the most even and flawless finish to my makeup, and mattifyed my face by absorbing any excess oil. It prolonged the longevity of my foundation more than any other powder I've tried to date. Overall, I just loved the way it made my face look - radiant, flawless, glowing. Despite the bigger price tag, I would highly encourage everyone to give it a try. It's definitely worth the extra money and it will last you FOREVER.

Definitely 5 out of 5 stars.
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Have you found a cheaper dupe for Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder? Is it a staple in your makeup kit?

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