Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NOTD: Orly "Sweet Peacock" Nail Lacquer

I did my Christmas shopping today - very late, I know. But during my escapade to the mall, I happened to stop in Winners and came across this beauty sitting all by it's lonesome on the shelf. I immediately snatched it up, as I do not have such a rich, mid-toned sparkly blue in my collection of nail polishes.

I bought this 0.6 fl oz (18 mL) bottle at Winners for $5.99 CDN. This polish was released as one of six in the Fall 2011 "Birds of a Feather" collection.

"Sweet Peacock" is a metallic turquoise blue polish with fine micro glitter of the silver and bright blue variety. The glitter is very fine - appearing just like a shimmer or a sheen, instead of having monstrous sequin discs on your nails. It gives a very bold, yet beautiful foiled/metallic finish that is simply eye-catching.

The application is very smooth, not streaky in the least. With some polishes of the same finish, you have to worry about making sure you make even, straight brush strokes to prevent the inevitable lines left from your application - not to worry with "Sweet Peacock"!! If you had exceptional skills, you could get away with one generous coat of this polish and call it good. I did two coats for good measure. The polish is that pigmented and concentrated, especially for shimmer/foil/metallic polishes.

Without the flash

With flash

As with all Orly polishes that I've had the pleasure of trying, this polish dried quickly, making the application process speedy and quick. It hardens like a dream - becoming completely dent and chip-resistant in a half an hour tops.

I am absolutely in love with this color, especially for this Christmas season. It's so winter-y and rich - jewel-tones are in this time of year, so I feel like I can get away with this brighter blue at this time of the year. In addition, this polish makes my hands look 'warmer' - I don't look so albino with it on, which I am totally in to.

I have yet to be thoroughly disappointed with an Orly polish - while some that I own are lacking in comparison to this polish, they always seem to deliver in pigmentation, durability, and speediness of hardening.

Definitely a must-have, if you're a nail polish junkie, like myself, or if you're just really into gorgeous turquoise blue colors that really pack a punch. Unfortunately, this won't really be one of those polishes for the faint of heart.

But if you end up trying it, or already own it, I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on Orly's "Sweet Peacock" nail lacquer! Let me know what you think!!

Merry Christmas!!

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