Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beauty Wish List - February 2012

After seeing various beauty bloggers posting their own wish lists every so often, I felt inspired to post one of my own wish lists. Now, granted, I'm not usually the type of person who has a five-foot-long scroll with item upon beauty item that I'm dreaming of. Lately, however, I've found myself lusting after more than one beauty product and I thought I'd share. If you have any experience with these products, leave me a comment telling me why (or why not) I should purchase them - I love to read your comments!

#1. Sigma F05 brush. For the longest time I wanted to try MAC's 109 Small Contour brush. Then I visited my local MAC store, saw the price tag attached to said brush and ran (not walked) in the opposite direction. Call me crazy, but I'm not really up for spending $40+ Canadian dollars on a single brush. The Sigma version, however, has a more budget friendly $14 tag (plus shipping and handling, of course). Still, I can live with that - and I'm just dying to try it out.

#2. Nicole by OPI - Kardashian Color Nail Polish in It's All About the Glam and Kim-pletely in Love. Don't get me wrong, I do not follow the Kardashians by any means - but after reading all the reviews and seeing all the swatches of It's All About the Glam and Kim-pletely in Love, I just have to try them. Unfortunately, everywhere I've seen this collection, they've been missing these two polishes, and double-y unfortunately, it was a holiday collection - so it won't be around for much longer. Fortunately, I found them at the WalMart closest to my parents' house, and have gently nudged my sister towards picking them up for me (and paying her back later...). They may soon be crossed off my wish list!

#3. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15. I have read mostly amazing things about this foundation, and I'm intrigued enough to give it a try. I'm thinking that before I just ditch my life's savings to purchase it, I will get a sample from Sephora first. Who knows if it'll even match my albino skin tone? Still... it calls to me.

#4. Clairsonic Mia. I don't know too much about this system, but I would really love to try it. After everything I've read, seen and heard, it's really caught my attention. I wonder how it would work for my skin. The investment I'd be making/taking a chance on is still too frightening to even think about. Could it really live up to all the hype?

#5. NYX Powder Blushes. I've heard nothing but great things about these. I really want to try CinnamonPeach and Taupe. I'm really digging orange-y blushes recently, and I hear that Taupe is an excellent contour powder for fair skin. The affordable price tag is also incredibly enticing - so what's holding me back?

#6. NYX Slide-On Eye Pencils. Again, nothing but good things. If they were really as good as everyone says they are, I'd want almost all of them. And considering the price, I'd be willing to have them shipped to me as opposed to paying drugstore prices for some mediocre alternative that was just more convenient to pick up. I think that I'd want to try AzureBrown PerfectionJet BlackPure White, and Sunrise Blue the most.

#7. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes. Again, another one of those raved about products. I have a mini version in Dollface, but I'd like to try Blissful, Exposed and Tipsy.

What are items are on your beauty wish list? Let me know!!


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