Monday, February 20, 2012

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

I purchased these off of for $4.50 each. I decided to try two at first - Amsterdam and Istanbul. My purchases arrived approximately 10 days after I ordered - taking into consideration the slowness surrounding Christmas and Boxing Day.

Pictures of the packaging will follow soon. In Canada, it's Family Day - and as such, the hubby and I are spending today with our parents and siblings. We have to be up early in order to get ready and drive all the way across the city to see them... I just haven't had a spare moment to take pictures of the tubes... for now - swatches will have to suffice ;)

Left to Right: Amsterdam, Istanbul
Amsterdam is a cream red - more on the blue-red side, though in the picture it looks a bit more orange-y in the picture. I suppose depending on the level of application you could make this look as sheer or as pigmented as you want - and depending on that, it could look more cool or more warm, depending on your skin tone and the pigmentation of your lips. Either way. For me, this seems like a more 'true red' of all the reds that I own. I don't wear red lip products very often, but when I do they tend to lean more on the orange-side of red; however, this color is incredibly wearable, despite its intense pigmentation.

Istanbul is a cream peachy pink in the tube, but more of a creamy light rose pink on the lips. For me, Istanbul is a bit lighter than my natural lip color, but still within the same family. It's a lovely color for the spring and summer, though it is wearable all year round. The application of Istanbul is perfect, just because of the light pigmentation - it doesn't appear 'fake' on my lips... it's just a perfect nude pink.

The product comes in a sturdy plastic tube with a velvet matte black wand. The wand is relatively stubby, as the product containers are not very large, but the short wand allows for greater precision in applying the cream to your lips. The actual applicator is a doe foot, but it is a decent size - big enough to coat your entire lip, yet small enough to be precise. In addition, the 'sponginess' is relatively minimal, reducing the waste of product being absorbed into the applicator.

These lip creams apply very smoothly, like silk. They are exceptionally pigmented and creamy. They smell very much like a vanilla cupcake/cake batter, though there is no actual flavor to the product.

Upon first application, the product applies very much like a thick, creamy lipgloss. It spreads smoothly and easily across the lips. It is very pigmented and only requires one application for complete and total coverage. The doe foot applicator is easily used for precision application, especially in regards to outlining the lips.

These are somewhat buildable. It's kind of hard to build them while they're wet, after initial application, just because you end up pushing the existing color around more than depositing more color, but with a little effort it's manageable to get a really even opaque finish.

In order to make the application as smooth as possible, one's lips must be prepped. Make sure that your lips are fully moisturized and exfoliated before using this product. Because of the matte texture of the lip creams, it will cling to and exacerbate any dry patches on your lips. Before applying, I had a thick chapstick on my lips for a few hours. I blotted it off before applying though, to help the lip cream adhere.

As the lip cream sets, it goes from a liquid creme finish to almost a powdery finish. As a result of the texture of the formula and the way this product dries, it can be rather drying. A way to counteract this effect, is to allow the lip cream to dry on your lips and then top it with a lipgloss or a light application of a chapstick. Note that applying a lipgloss or a chapstick will take away from the matte finish of the lip cream.Also, I've applied a very thin coat of a thick chapstick underneath before applying, and this helps save your lips a little. The finish is the same, and the longevity doesn't seem to be affected by this method.

Also, the matte finish and the drying effect of these lip creams, allows them to wear for a lot longer than your average lipstick. They are not everlasting, but they are very persistent. Adding a lipgloss or a chapstick on top will inhibit the long wearing-ness of the product, however, if you'd rather have a long wearing lip color and put up with the drying effect, you might want to skip on adding a lipgloss or chapstick on top.

My only real gripe with these lip creams is the tendency to go awry really easily. For example, if you're not PERFECTLY precise with the applicator, it's incredibly noticeable... and because of the consistency and method of application, sometimes (as a little evident in the pictures above) these lip creams can be a little uneven and/or splotchy. If you have the time to perfect your application, this won't be a problem - but for girls on the go, this definitely isn't going to be very functional.

I'd like to try a few more of these - Milan, Antwerp, Addis Ababa...

OH! Also, I've heard that some people have tried using these as blushes. If you apply them and blend them out really well before they dry, you're supposed to get a beautiful, matte stained cheek color. I, personally, haven't tried it. But it's worth mentioning. If you purchase one of these and you can't stand them on your lips, it's worth giving a try on your cheeks!

I really love these. The colors (at least the ones I have) are beautiful - incredibly pigmented and a great deal. The wear time is quite incredible, and the matte finish is SO beautiful. The downside is the drying nature of the product, but if it's a huge problem for you - make sure you top it off with a lip gloss, and prep your lips before application. These are absolutely fantastic, and I would definitely recommend you guys to try them out!

3.5 out of 5 stars.
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Have you guys tried the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams? Which colors are your favorite?? Do you have any recommendations??

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