Saturday, February 11, 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

Woooooo! The infamous Revlon Lip Butters finally find a place in my makeup collection. Or at least one of them does. 

These retail for anywhere between $7 and $11 CDN. Yikes! I know. You wouldn't catch me picking one of these up from Shoppers Drug Mart - where the regular-price Lip Butters will cost you both arms, ears and legs to buy. These can be purchased anywhere Revlon cosmetics are sold. I like to buy mine from (in order) WalMart, Zellers, London Drugs, and very rarely, Shoppers Drug Mart. One tube contains 0.09 oz (2.55 g) of product.

The ColorBurst Lip Butters come in a slew of shades, ranging from reds to purples/berries, and neutrals to pinks. Revlon Lip Butters are available in the following shades: Pink Truffle, Sugar Frosting, Raspberry Pie, Tutti Frutti, Brown Sugar, Peach Parfait, Fig Jam, Candy Apple, Red Velvet, Cotton Candy, Berry Smoothie, Cupcake, Gumdrop, Creamsicle, Cherry Tart, Lollipop, Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Plum, Sweet Tart, and Creme BruleeThere is something (literally) for everyone. Shade pigmentation ranges from sheer to medium coverage, but for most of these butters (according to what I've heard), the color is very buildable. I bought Cupcake for my sister, but I only picked up Sweet Tart for myself.

The packaging is tres chic. Very similar to the ColorBurst lipsticks, Revlon's Lip Butters feature the 'quilted' cap in a translucent plastic. The very top of the cap is completely transparent, however, allowing you to see the color of the product inside the packaging. Each cap corresponds to the color of the product inside, so it's somewhat easier to distinguish between shades by the exterior. A definite bonus. Underneath the sleek cap is a silver twist up applicator. The butters do not sit above the applicator, as most lipsticks do when you first purchase them. They are slanted at an angle to keep them safe from nicks, scrapes and dents. Kudos, Revlon.

The Lip Butters are supposed to contain mango, shea and coconut butter to hydrate lips and boost lip moisture by a whopping 156%. Their special 'gel' formula pampers the lips with crazy hydration and allows for a smooth application of the product.

Sweet Tart is a medium pink shade, that very much reminds me of the infamous "Barbie" pink. There is no shimmer in this particular shade, which is a relief for me. In fact, this color reminds me of the BonneBell lipLITES in Angel Food Cake. The formula, however, creates a gorgeous glossy finish on your lips.

The application of these is INCREDIBLY smooth. I don't think I own anything with a similar texture. It glides on (literally) like butter. I almost feel like the texture of this lip butter evens out the texture of my own lips - that's how freaking smooth it is. I love rubbing my lips together after I've applied this... they just glide over each other.

The pigmentation on Sweet Tart is ridiculous. One swipe gives you a very decent amount of color, but go over it again (and even again...) and you get this intense color that looks like a lipstick.

No Flash. Natural light.
Top: 1 swipe.
Bottom: 3 swipes.
With Flash.
The wear time on these is not anything amazing. Because of how smooth and thin they are, they do not make any claims to be super h-core long lasting. With every day wear-and-tear, these will wear off gradually. Talking, eating, drinking, breathing is going to cause the color to fade. These last longer than a lipgloss, but not as long as a lipstick; they're like the love child of a lipstick and lipgloss. Fortunately, as this particular shade wears, it leaves almost a stain on the lips so even when it's gone - it isn't quite gone, but it isn't quite there either.

On my lips.
Yes, I am ridiculously white.
Yes, my lips are really dry.
I think these are fantastic. Well, not necessarily all of them, because I haven't tried all of them. I think Sweet Tart is funtabulous. The concept behind these are amazing. They're so smooth and very wearable for every day. You can build the intensity up for a great dramatic/night-time look or wear it sheer for a respectable wash of color. They're fantastic for people who don't want to feel the heaviness of a lip stick, but still want that pop of color. I can't speak to how hydrating these actually are, but they give my lips the illusion of being hydrated. Especially with how dry they are from my viral infection. So now I get to look like I have some life in me, without having to slather on a heavy, waxy lipstick. 

I'm super excited to try new looks with this. I recently watched a video by Cora of Vintageortacky on YouTube where she wore Sweet Tart Lip Butter over MAC's Embrace Me lip liner from the Tour de Fabulous collection. That made me want it SO bad... that lip combo looked SO flattering on her. 

Overall, I'd give this 5 out of 5 stars.
* * * * *

Let me know what you think about these Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters. What are your impressions? Are there other colors that I should try? Let me know!! I'd love to hear what you have to say!!

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