Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Fancies 2012

So long February - hello, March! The beginning of this month dragged on, but the last two weeks have just whizzed by. I can't believe that I'm half done my last full semester of University. Craziness will now ensue.

I called this "February Fancies" instead of "February Favorites" because the word "favorite" is so abused at the end of the month haha.... we'll switch it up a little for now...

As for my favorites, or fancies, this month, they've reflected how busy I've been lately. One of the two following scenarios are always true of me lately: 1) I value my sleep more than I value an elaborate makeup scheme on my face, or 2) I don't have the time to care about anything besides looking like an alive female in the morning.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. I know I purchased this pretty late into the month, but this has been SO worn for the time I've had it, I can't imagine life without it. Seeing this on my fingers makes me SO happy. I honestly have no words for how gorgeous this polish is.

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original). With all of the stress and craziness of this month, I've been disturbingly emotional which means that I bawl my eyes out rather frequently. UDPP has kept my makeup intact through several sporadic bouts of tears, long days at school, and sweaty minutes on the elliptical trainer.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub. Whoa, that was a mouthful. Recently my skin has been going bazerk, breaking out all over the place - which is less than a desirable look to rock. I use this when I feel my skin getting 'too oily' or like it's on the verge of more than one zit. After scrubbing this all over my face (in the evening before bed), I let it sit for a few minutes while I floss my teeth. I rinse it off and follow with my Alba Botanicals Hawaiian Hibiscus Toner and moisturizer. It keeps my breakouts minimal and at bay. And it smells so good I wanna eat it - can't go wrong with that.

Annabelle Smoothliner in Brownie. Perfect for smudging on my upper lashline when I want a polished look, yet without appearing 'overdone,' or like I spent too much time on myself. Freaking adore this pencil.

Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow in Vanilla Chilla. There is no better brow and inner corner highlight than this. The satin sheen creates a beautiful, almost natural-looking glow without looking powder-y, cake-y, or like a glitter-bomb went off on my face. And I've hit pan, in a major way... If I don't use this in my inner corner every day, something about my whole look seems 'off.'

Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. I didn't love this at all when I first got it... the shimmer in it seemed 'too much' for me. But as I've used it more and more, I've found that I really like using it on my ELF Studio Powder brush around the outside and high points of my face to create a subtle, but natural looking bronzed glow. It doesn't look as artificial as contouring with my MAC bronzer can, but creates dimension and makes me look more alive than albino.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Tease. I am definitely enjoying my Naked 2 palette, but lately, I've been using the shade Tease A LOT. It's just the perfect crease color for on the go. The purple-y hint really brings out the green in my eyes, and gives a subtle, yet defined look to my crease. LOOOOOVE it.

Now for a random favorite... Whoooo! We're shaking it up a little!!

Old Navy Perfect Rib-Knit Tanks. I freaking adore these. My sister and I stumbled across them on a shopping date and fell in love with their neon-esque colors (such as Pink Icing Neon 118 and Dayglow Dina). For $8 CDN, you can't really go wrong. Old Navy's also 'reformulated' their standard rib-knit tanks so that they're fitted now. The stretchy nature of the new tops does not lose its shape throughout the day like the old ones did or through the washing process, and fits to your body so you don't look like a square. Love the colors SO much, but love the fit of these even more!!

And that's about it. I loved more products this month, but I think that these definitely topped my list. I'm still playing around with other new products I've picked up, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'll have more new and exciting favorites come the end of March.

What were you loving this month? Do you have any favorites that you'd recommend?! Let me know in the comments!!

Happy March!!!

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