Monday, March 5, 2012

Annabelle Mono Eyeshadows

*Keep in mind that my shadows have been VERY loved and used, and aren't looking in the best condition. In addition, after my first palette got dropped, my pans shattered and I had to fix my broken shadows - hence the reason they look very beat up... my apologies for the less than stellar pictures...*

These mono eyeshadows are available for purchase wherever Annabelle Cosmetics are sold. They retail for around $3-$6 CDN, depending on where you buy them and whether or not they're on sale at the time. There are 12 permanent shades available in various finishes.

The mono eyeshadows should not be confused with the single eyeshadows available from Annabelle. The mono eyeshadows are a relatively new concept, releasing sometime in the last couple of years. They are sold individually in pans, which can then be inserted in eyeshadow quads (each palette holds 4 shadows) which are available for separate purchase. The single eyeshadows, on the other hand, are sold in pots - similar to the MAC eyeshadows (not the pro pans). The single eyeshadows are pretty much impossible to depot - trust me, I've tried.... but that's another story for another time.

The palette that is marketed alongside the mono eyeshadows is very functional if you're just starting out in makeup. It holds four shadows perfectly, so you can create a very respectable palette for yourself. The shadows pop easily in and out of the pan, as it is magnetized, which makes it easy to swap and replace shadows as you see fit. While the magnet is strong, it isn't nearly strong enough to survive a fall. I have dropped this palette before and broken my shadows as they flew out of their slots. They were easily repaired with rubbing alcohol, kleenex, and a quarter, but I am definitely more careful when transporting this particular case.

The palette is also very large. It is neither sleek nor compact, and it's ridiculously heavy for an eyeshadow palette of its size. Rasilla writes that the case "stands at 16mm," which is pretty freaking hefty. It appears sturdy, but I have replaced my palette once already as the plastic hinge broke (this was before I dropped it), disconnecting the lid from the base. At $5-$6 a pop, it doesn't break the bank, but I'm definitely not in the mood to keep replacing such a brittle palette. It also has a semi-transparent top (aside from the grafitti-esque designs gracing the lid) which allows you to see some of the colors inside at a glance.

I have noticed that Shopper's Drug Mart will typically give you a deal - if you buy the palette and 4 mono eyeshadows, you get a discounted price all together. I have never personally tried this, but it's worth looking into.

I own 4 of the mono eyeshadows: Divine DivaVanilla ChillaSo Foxy, and Nymphet

No flash, natural light.
Divine Diva is a medium plum-y purple shade infused with gold glitter throughout. The gold glitter is not an overspray, but is a part of the entire shadow. The pretty gold definitely transfers from the pan to the skin, which is a huge bonus. It is definitely less pigmented than my other shades, and takes more work to build up the intensity, but the color is so beautiful that I find it worth the effort.

No flash, natural light.
With flash.
Vanilla Chilla is a satin-finish paled cream shade. This is very similar to my skin tone, except a little more yellow. In the pan, it looks matte, but on the skin it creates an undeniably sheen that creates the most delicate and natural highlight on the brow bone and in the tearduct. As you can see... I love this shade - I've definitely hit pan and am going to need a backup soon.

No flash, natural light.
With flash.
So Foxy is a matte medium brown. This color is fantastic for deepening the crease, and could be used as a brow powder. It can apply a little patchy at times, but usually it's a matter of creating a smooth base to start with - and applying a primer usually minimizes this greatly. It released with the Spring 2011 DayDream collection, and has since been discontinued (...bring it back, Annabelle!!)

No flash, natural light.
With flash.
Nymphet is a shimmering mint green. It is incredibly shimmery, and I would anticipate that used wet it would look almost metallic. It is my least used shade, but I like having it on hand - just in case. It released with the Summer 2010 Painted Love collection, and was limited edition.

No flash, natural light.
With flash.
These shadows are absolutely fantastic. They're incredibly creamy and smooth feeling. One swipe guarantees you (at least) medium pigmentation, with some shadows being more intensely pigmented than others. They do not kick up a lot of powder or leave a bunch of fall-out on your face, which is nice.

No flash, natural light.
With flash.
In my collection, the Annabelle Mono Eyeshadows rival some of my high end shadows, like Urban Decay. For a drugstore alternative, they are the piece de resistance. The only downside is the selection - there are currently 12 permanent shades available, with additional shades being released periodically throughout the year. My only wish is that the selection were larger. 

All-in-all, they are absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend snatching some up if you get a chance, and by all means, if you pick up a Z-palette and pop them in there, that would work too. You definitely don't need to pick up the Annabelle palette just because they're sold "together." You don't need to spend an arm and a leg on good quality eyeshadows from high-end brands when you've got products like this available right at your fingertips, and for a fraction of the cost.

I will purchase more, but this time I don't want to put them in another Annabelle case. I just need to find and pick up a larger magnetized palette for storage.

Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!
* * * * *

What are your favorite shades in the mono eyeshadow collection? What storage alternatives have you found for your loose shadows in pans???


  1. Those are all gorgeous colors! I have never tried Annabelle but would love these!

    1. They are fantastic shadows! Especially for the price!!