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TRESemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo

My apologies for the off-again-on-again posts, everyone. School's been crazylicious, and I haven't been able to keep my head above the raging tides. Here's a review to keep you comfortable for a little while though!!

You can purchase this product anywhere TRESemme products are sold, for about $4-$6 CDN a bottle. Each bottle contains 5.7 oz (161 g) of dry shampoo-p :)

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There are now three different formulas available in the dry shampoo collection - a volumizing formula (for fine/oily hair), a strengthening formula (for dry/prone to breakage hair), and a smoothing formula (for straight/normal hair). I personally, have only ever tried the volumizing formula. The volumizing formula is marketed to fine/oily hair-ed individuals.

TRESemme's description of this product is as follows: "transform limp, lifeless locks into healthy, full-bodied hair when you skip shampoo. The Mineral Clay and Citrus formula removes oil and odor that weighs hair down, so you can have instant salon-quality volume without a drop of water." The Volumizing Dry Shampoo contains mineral clay (which seeks out and absorbs oil, injecting hair with instant salon-gorgeous volume), and citrus extracts (eliminates odor, infusing hair with a fresh, clean scent).

This must have been the first 'drugstore' brand to come out with a dry shampoo, which everyone was so excited for. I'd never tried dry shampoo, but I was eager to try this out, especially because it was so affordable.

I usually use this on my 'off-days,' the days I don't wash my hair. Sometimes I don't need it, as my hair isn't excessively oily or limp looking. On average, I use it about once a week - sometimes more, sometimes less. I find that it's really great for 'injecting volume' into my hair though, and sometimes I'll spray some in on a day when I do wash my hair, just to get that extra lift and body.

The product comes in an aerosol can, which requires shaking before you can dispense it. It is recommended that you lift sections of hair at the roots, and spray in short bursts about 8-12 inches from the head. After finishing this routine all over your head, you're supposed to let the shampoo sit for 1-2 minutes before brushing/combing out. For best use, TRESemme recommends shaking the can in between bursts of product. 

The volumizing shampoo has a very noticeable citrus scent that lingers on the hair for several hours after applying. It's not overpowering, but it's definitely there. I'm not a huge fan of the scent - it's tolerable, but I would definitely prefer different scents with my hair products. Overall, that's not a deal breaker for me.

The product itself is... okay. I mean, I don't have anything to compare this to, but I have some gripes with it.

First of all, this can be hit-or-miss. Sometimes I spray this in my hair, and all the excess oil on my head seems to just disappear off my roots and scalp. Funtabulous!! My hair is volumized and looking fresh and clean. Other times, it creates a noticeable residue at my scalp - where the product almost clumps up on my roots creating a really gnarly, unclean look. 8 times out of 10, I get the clean, wonderful look, but I'd rather that was 10/10.

As for whether or not it actually 'sucks up' the oil off my head, I don't know. Sometimes I feel that this merely mattifies the shine on my hair/head, as opposed to actually getting rid of the oil. But other times, I feel like the oil really is gone. Meh. Crazy product!

I've had several bottles of this product that have clogged up mid-spray, and originally I didn't know what the problem was. The first time it happened, I threw out the (brand new) bottle and bought a new one. Later, I found out (via the online community) that you just need to rinse the nozzle off with some warm water, and it'll work like magic for you again. Unfortunately, this took me eons to figure out. It's also pretty inconvenient, but I suppose that is the downside of any aerosol product.

Another less-than-stellar point about this product is the fact that it is a white powder, so occasionally it won't brush into your hair and you get this white streak on your roots that makes you look like you've aged 50 years in 30 seconds. When this happens, I'm still not 100% how to fix it... I've tried using boar bristle brushes, combs, water... nothing seems to reduce the white cast, which is frustrating and annoying. Because EVERYONE can see it... and everyone points it out. A transparent powder would be a nice alternative...

The product is extremely affordable, and usually you can find it on sale - especially at WalMart and London Drugs. This is a large part of the reason I keep coming back to it - it's just so freaking affordable!!

One can of this will last me F-O-R-E-V-E-R. No joke. I rarely need to worry about replacing my bottle, even if I use this 2 to 3 times a week. Another HUGE reason I will keep repurchasing this. The can isn't that big, but a little bit goes a long way. 

For the most part, this product is decent. It's affordable and does what it's supposed to do. Is it the world's best dry shampoo? I highly doubt that. Could other drugstore brands create the world's best dry shampoo? Absolutely. It just wasn't TRESemme.

I'd be interested in trying the other versions of this dry shampoo, I'm just too chicken to pick up a bottle and have it do weird things to my hair, when I've got such a 'good' thing going with the volumizing verison.

For now, I will keep repurchasing, until I feel like trying something new. I like the way this treats my wallet, and while there are some little things here and there that I don't appreciate about it, I will get over them and keep using it, because I don't want to wash my hair every day :)

Overall 3 out of 5 stars.
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What do you think of the TRESemme dry shampoos?

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