Friday, March 23, 2012

Beauty Blogger Lovin'

So I am going to spam you guys with some of my most beloved beauty bloggers. You definitely should check these beautiful ladies out if you get a chance - they are so worth it!!

(In no particular order...)

Tracy @BeautyReflections - such a beautiful Canadian spirit. Tracy puts a witty, but honest spin on everything she posts on her blog. I love reading of her 'blush fiend tendencies' and getting a glimpse at some higher end products that she picks up and reviews. A definite must read - especially for our Canadian readers!!

Stephanie @In Her Makeup Bag - I love how Stephanie's sweet smile fills up her pictures and how her heart pours out of her blog posts. Her posts are simple, but informative and filled with a genuineness and honesty that our world so frequently forgets about.

Scrangie - Who does not love her swatches? I admit - I'm constantly stalking my feed watching for her newest posts, and I read all of them. Even if you never buy anything she reviews, you have the satisfaction of seeing some of the most beautiful and clear beauty product swatches. Go follow her now. Do it :)

Chanel @Coco Me Chanel - I love her mixture of beauty and fashion blog posts. A really fantastic balance of products, reviews, swatches, etc. I am so happy that I stumbled across her blog - I am always thrilled when I see that she's published a post. 

@The PolishAholic - I love her swatches. It's the perfect balm to my nail polish 'deprived' soul... (I'm sure my husband and family would disagree... haha). She posts an amazing variety of colors, finishes, and brands. There's definitely something on there for everyone. I have been convinced to buy a few polishes after seeing her swatches... check her out!! You will not be disappointed.

So that's it for today - I have more, but I want to save some more of my beauty blog lovin' for another post on another day! Let me know if you go check out any of these beautiful ladies! Show them some love!


  1. Awwww, thanks gorgeous for the mention! I appreciate it! Big hugs to you!
    I love your blog too and so glad I found you! Going to go look around now!

    1. Thanks so much, Tracy! This is such a great community, and I'm meeting such wonderful people here that I just want to tell the world about :) Keep up the fantastic job with your blog - you're an inspiration and role model for me, and other women out there!!

  2. Thank you So much for posting all of your favorites!
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