Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cetaphil Barrier Cream

I purchased this 85 g tube from my local London Drugs for $12.99 CDN. Ouch.

Cetaphil Barrier Cream

Cetaphil Barrier Cream is described as "an intense, non-greasy cream formulated to moisturize and protect chronic dry, cracked skin." It contains shea butter (locks in moisture for softer skin with no greasy residue), dimethicone and glycerin (promote moisturization and prevent dryness) to provide extra protection in a non-irritating formula for chronic dry skin associated with dermatoses and skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis, as well as harsh weather, and occupational conditions. The tube boasts that this product will "help restore the natural protective barrier of your skin."

The company also recommends that this is ideal for rough elbows and cracked feet, and while I haven't tried it out on those areas yet, I can only imagine how fantastic it would be at softening up those areas :)

I needed a new hand cream. My hands are really suffering this winter/spring from the volatile weather changes. I looked up some reviews online, and while there wasn't much to refer to, the response I did find was promising. 2 Makeup Alley users rated it 4.0 out of 5.

The product comes packaged in a cardboard box with all the information conveniently spaced over its surface area. The actual product packaging features a soft plastic squeeze tube, with a hard blue plastic cap and medium-sized nozzle with which to dispense product. The product stands on its lid, so it's really convenient and space-saving (if you're concerned about that). Since the cream is thicker in consistency, the tube must be squeezed for product to be extracted from the tube. It's a small enough tube that you can throw it in your purse for on-the-go application, or you could keep it on your bedside table without taking up too much room. 

I love the smell of this cream. It's supposed to be 'fragrance-free' but the natural scent that accompanies it is fantastic. It's so soft, but it's nice. I love smelling my hands after I apply it, because it's so comforting, but definitely not overpowering by any means.

This cream is incredibly luxurious. When first squeezed out of the tube, it appears very thick. The cream retains its shape, until rubbed into the hands where it becomes  smooth and quickly absorbs into the skin. The cream is not greasy, but leaves the skin incredibly hydrated and shiny. It's not by any means 'greasy,' but it does leave a thin residue over my hands that can make opening jars and the like difficult, especially immediately after application. 

The product also claims to be 'long-lasting,' which I definitely find is the case. This cream is incredibly moisturizing, and fast-absorbing, so it lasts and works for several hours (and through washes) without wearing off. Even after wearing off, the skin remains supple and soft - unlike other hand creams that can wear off and leave the skin feeling tight and stripped of moisture. Not so with this cream. 

This cream is absolutely fantastic. By far, the best hand cream I've tried to date. Also the most expensive.

While I adore this product, the cost and size are definite turn-offs. I purchased this a week or two ago, and I've already begun to reach the end of my tube. Of course, I did purchase this product to use obsessively until my hands got back to a moisturized point, but I wish it would have lasted longer.

I'm fairly certain that despite the cost, I will be re-purchasing again soon. I really love this hand cream and what it does for my hands. I really appreciate how it doesn't contain lanolin or urea, but hydrates my hands in an intensive way. My hands are at a point where they're in a constant state of comfortable hydration, and I don't have cracks or dry patches plaguing my digits. I absolutely adore how this makes my skin feel.

For the price, would I recommend it to others...?? Yes, I believe I would. Use it as often as you'd like, but go easy on it. You don't need an overly generous blob to cover the surface area of your hands - but you don't need to make a pea-size amount cover your hands either. Experiment and find out what the 'perfect' amount is for you, and use it regularly. You'll be really impressed with the condition of your hands after a few days of using this cream.

If you can find any way to purchase this product at a cheaper price, I'd say this is incredibly worth it. Shop at Wal-Mart if you can, because I find Cetaphil products infinitely more affordable there. Also, if you sign up on Cetaphil's site, you can get coupons that take the edge off of the scary price-tag. In fact, I got a coupon with my purchase of the product, so my next tube will be closer to $10 instead of the hefty $12 I originally paid.

All-in-all, this is a fantastic product. Another miracle from Cetaphil for my problem-skin.

4 out of 5 stars (one star lost for the steep price)
* * * *

What is your favorite Cetaphil product?


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