Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Josh's Manly-Man Picks!

So I know that my husband won't be 'guest blogging' anytime soon, but I do know what his favorite manly hygiene essentials are. The medicine cabinet in our bathroom reveals all to me...

I figured this might be a fun change from the routine girly nail polish this, and fancy palette that... I challenge you, ladies, to share with the beauty community what your man's favorite hygiene/personal care essentials are!! I'd love to hear too! Maybe get some new and exciting ideas for the... bathroom?? :)

Numero uno. Down Under Naturals Ultimate Hold Styling Gel.
Josh normally has anywhere between 3 and 5 bottles of these in the drawer at all times (no joke). If he even begins to smell that he's on the verge of breaking into his second-last bottle, he immediately runs out and picks up another 3 or 4 more - just in case. This goes in when his hair is in-between damp and dry - he just shooshes it through his hair to get a piecy, messy, spikey look. He's told me before that he likes this particular gel because it doesn't flake out of his hair - it holds like it should, and doesn't make it look like he's got dandruff (as some gels do because they flake). That seems like good sensical man-talk, doesn't it? As far as we know, this is only sold at Superstore and, I think, London Drugs. Superstore is the cheaper bet though...
Photo credit: http://www.themanroom.ca/Down-Under-Naturals-Ultimate-Hold---Styling-Gel
Numero dos. Adidas Action 3 Anti-Perspirant in Control.
Okay, so this might be one of those products that I forced Josh into using, but hey! It isn't killing him any. Josh prefers clear, gel deodorants/anti-perspirants, but he admits that they get really messy and tend to run out more quickly than stick versions do. This deodorant seems to keep him fairly dry too - I mean, he doesn't sweat like a pig in any case, but this helps keep him extra dry. It can tend to leave smudges on dark shirts, so I'd caution you, ladies. I could not really describe Control for you, except to say that it smells like clean, sexy, amazing man whose armpits I want to bury my face in. Josh is currently using the same deodorant in the scent Intensive, and it's not half bad either - a good scent to switch it up with - more sweet and less in-your-face-amazing, but I still like it.

Photo credit: http://www.cosmopolitanusa.com/Items.aspx?id=3&grpid=1&rama=2
Numero tres. Pert Plus 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner in Classic Clean.
I do not know what this boy sees in his Pert Plus, but he loves it. I've had to hide it from him recently to force him into using up the last of our Head & Shoulders, otherwise he'd just keep buying it. He keeps asking for it though, so I'm sure I'll have to crack it out one of these days... either way, it's one of his top picks.

Numero cuatro. Toothbrushes.
One of Josh's favorite things of all time are toothbrushes. Before we got married the boy was constantly buying toothbrushes. He never kept track of the ones he bought and he hoarded those suckers up. I remember helping him move into our new place and creating, quite literally, a toothbrush drawer, where all of his purchases went. We will never have to buy toothbrushes again - I swear. Josh is a pretty diligent teeth-brusher though. And he brushes his teeth until they are squeaky - I suppose what he lacks in flossing gumbo he makes up for in brushing vigor.

And those are his picks. Seriously. This guy doesn't get too picky about too many of his products - he just uses whatever. That goes for his razors and shaving gel too - otherwise I would've included them in this post.

Let me know what you guys think about this post. What sorts of products does your man use on a regular basis?? What are his 'holy grails'??